Judge Shoeman State of San Andreas Vs. Kyo Zoom - Aug 2, 2023


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May 5, 2022
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Username: NickMatthews

Defendant: Kyo Zoom

The defendant was arrested in this district on the following date Aug 2, 2023

Date of Arrest Aug 2, 2023

Time of Arrest 08/02/2023 22:24

Defendants Plea Guilty

Main offense charged is a: Felony

Defendant has retained counsel: No

Charges under which defendant has been booked PC 103.2 2nd Degree Murder of a Government Employee x1
WF 1007 Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Violent Felon x1
PC 2129.1 Criminal Possession of Police Equipment Band A x1
GM 1026 Possession of Burglary Tools x1

The Grounds for this Indictment are: Mr Kyo Zoom was involved in the incident that resulted in the death of 603 Cheddy James.

Arrest Report

I, LSPD Officer Nick Matthews arrived on scene to assist officers involved in a bank truck robbery in Sandy Shores near the Abandoned Hotel on Joshua Road. I arrived on scene to help officers and take them to hospital. Upon arriving, I Nick Matthews took fire whilst rendering aide to 504. Upon entering the cover of my vehicle the shots in the direction of myself and 504 stopped. I took 504 and the 95 that was downed next to him to a triage point. Whilst helping other officers, I Nick Matthews heard over the radio from 415 that Depty Cheddy James had no pulse on scene and was taken down to Sandy Shores Medical. Upon the collecting of officers and downed suspects from the scene I took some photos for evidence to be submitted. I then heard over the radio that 603 Cheddy James had unfortunately died due to his injuries.

Key Witnesses Called 321 Marcus Fletcher
301 Chance Noonan
415 Lily King
507 Joe Night
504 Levi Scott
559 Melinda Beaver
555 Nick Matthews
603 Cheddy James

Witnesses Called 321 Marcus Fletcher
301 Chance Noonan
415 Lily King
507 Joe Night
504 Levi Scott
559 Melinda Beaver
555 Nick Matthews
603 Cheddy James

Evidence Submitted A1: Bank Truck and downed Bank Truck guards: https://i.imgur.com/S30jptH.jpeg
A2: Combat Pistol Found on Kyo Zoom: https://i.imgur.com/zWt4esb.jpeg (Serial: 6EXQK46M)
A3: Vintage Pistol Found on Kyo Zoom: https://i.imgur.com/OZLPynr.jpeg (Serial: EQPNQFPC)
A4: Kyo Zoom Pockets Bottom: https://i.imgur.com/OsCaITZ.jpeg
A5: Kyo Zoom ID: https://i.imgur.com/t4oc6tH.jpeg
A6: Kyo Zoom Fingerprint: https://i.imgur.com/JuwP9KP.jpeg
A7: Evidence in Locker: https://i.imgur.com/sANsQww.jpeg

Is the defendant on bail? No

Yes Yes

Signature on behalf of the State of San Andreas Nick Matthews


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The State of San Andreas vs KYO ZOOM

Case - 2023-31667

Judge Garry Shoeman Presiding

I, Garry Shoeman, the presiding Judge in this matter, hereby announce that the Court will grant a period of forty-eight (48) hours for the appointment of legal representation.

Once legal representation has been assigned to both parties (The state and the defense), we will promptly commence the discovery phase. The discovery period will remain open for twenty-four (24) hours preceding the scheduled Trial Date. Following a seventy-two-hour (72) window for discovery, a scheduler will be promptly dispatched.

Failure of the State to respond within the specified timeframe will result in the Dismissal of this case with Prejudice.

Failure of Defense to respond within the provided timeframe will lead to a Default Judgment in favor of the State.

Furthermore, it is essential for all Parties to acknowledge that this document constitutes an Official Court Docket and should be treated as such. All parties are expected to maintain a demeanor of courtesy, politeness, and respect when addressing Court dockets and participating in any and all Court proceedings. Any inappropriate remarks, outbursts, or misconduct will be dealt with accordingly.

So Ordered,

Judge Garry Shoeman