Order of Injunction By the District Court


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May 21, 2021

Order of Injunction RE: Class B Felony HUT Classification

This order of an injunction is being made sua sponte regarding the status of certain Class B felonies as “Hold Until Trial” charges. The specific charges in question are DF 1005.3 and WF 1006. These charges have been approved for pending change by the Superior court in the coming weeks from the HUT status. However it is this court's belief that the continuing classification of these charges as HUT in the time being causes undue hardship on those still incarcerated for these reasons. Therefore this court is issuing an injunction effective immediately which will pause the HUT status of these charges and instead temporarily place a flat quantity of 4 years as the sentencing time and $10,000 as the fine for Law Enforcement Officers. These charges will now act akin to all none HUT charges. Individuals charged for these crimes will be sent to prison for 4 years unless they obtain bail, rather than being held until their trial date in prison. This order will stay in effect until the Superior Court finishes its amendments to these specific charges.

So Ordered,

Chief Judge Gupta
District Court of San Andreas