Going Public w/ Caveats

Chance Noonan

Original Troggy
District Attorney's Office
Aug 31, 2020
We have some awesome upcoming changes that we would like to share with you coupled with our decision to go public. Keep reading!

Going Public with Some Restrictions

Starting today, NonStopRP is removing the application requirement to join the server. This means we are opening our doors to a wider community of players, allowing you to experience the world of Los Santos with us more easily. However, we are introducing some restrictions to ensure the best possible experience.

Becoming a Full Member

All previously whitelisted/allowlisted players have been grandfathered in as full members.

Any players wishing to become a full @Member must join our Discord and register on our forums. Start the process by opening a ticket from the ⁠nsrp-member channel. A simple form that should only take a couple of minutes will need to be filled out just to gather some basic information. As a full member, you will gain access to exclusive features and opportunities, including:
  • The ability to apply for positions in the Police Department, Emergency Medical Services, and Department of Justice.
  • The opportunity to apply for businesses within Los Santos.
  • The chance to become an official Franklin gang, enabling participation in our custom territory and in-depth drug system.

We acknowledge that our journey in this city has seen its share of ups and downs, but our primary goal is to ensure that you, our valued community, can truly enjoy the Los Santos experience. We are committed to making NonStopRP better for everyone.

Have Your Say

In line with our commitment to community-driven development, we will continue to be running ⁠polls to gather your feedback and make important decisions based on your preferences. Our aim is to break away from the past and ensure that we prioritize your needs and wants. Make your voice heard and your opinion known in the ⁠dev-suggestions and ⁠community-suggestions channels. After the new handling is officially launched we definitely want your feedback on everything in the ⁠car-handling section.

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