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Dec 2, 2020
Hello! I recently came back to NonStop to check it out and to see how it has changed. I was surprised to see the UI/Hud is basically the same and for me it's just very unappealing. As someone that has been working on a server for the past 2 months - I feel as if NonStop can benefit from a whole new Framework. The framework I am suggesting is QBCore.

QBCore has so much to offer from scripts, UI, and HUD. There are a ton of free scripts out there that are just simply amazing and could benefit the growth of the server. I myself have spent quite a bit on scripts to test and learn how to code. I'll post some examples below.

That Link is a clip to a very nice housing script that just recently released. Free as well.


The Inventory is very clean with a few tweaks.


The 3rd eye system runs smooth and is very simple and adaptable to everything.


Multicharacter themes that just pop and look extremely clean and again simple.


This personally is one of my favorites, A blueprint table that you can add blueprints into the 5 slots to the left and they stay in the table, If they are removed they are destroyed so crims have to be very selective on what they want to make.


Final one I am going to add cause this is already a lot tbh. The hud, It is very clean and changeable, I am using a script where you can fully customize how you want it through a menu. For me everything I posted is just very pleasing to the eyes. It could be a nice refresher for the server in my opinion, but again that is my opinion.
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Aug 31, 2020
As much as I know a lot of people enjoy QBCore and ESX if we wanted to be a carbon copy of 10,000 other servers out there we would go that route but we want to be unique. Suffice it to say we have been throwing in some QB scripts and converting others to mix n match with our custom framework. Either way we want to keep our core framework unique.