DOJ Denied DOJ Explicit Recognition of the US Constitution & Mandating that all LEOs Swear Allegiance to the Constitution Upon Successful Completion of Academy

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Pablo/Ricardo Rivera

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Dec 14, 2021
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Recently, I was told by a State Police Lieutenant that because the Department of Justice does not explicitly mention the constitution in any of its documents, we are technically not entitled to the rights afforded to all under the constitution.

I am calling on the department of Justice to declare, in their official documentation, their explicit recognition of the constitution, with all 27 ammendments. I am also calling on the DOJ to require all LEOS under the state of San Andreas to swear an oath to the constitution. To ensure no officer may infringe upon the rights afforded to the citizens of San Andreas by the constitution.

The DOJ must put an end to this uncertainty that is actively denying citizens their right to freedom of speech, freedom of press and the freedom to assemble.

As a working journalist, for #WWCNEWS I have been threatened with arrest, menaced with a baton, held at taser point and flat-out lied to regarding non-existing press conferences. All while trying to report on incidents like police officers shooting unarmed men.

Today, #WWCNEWS faced our biggest threat. Police threatened us with arrest and told us that we do not have the right to assemble as members of the press and would be subject to arrest for asking questions.

What kind of a state do we live in, when police officers encourage us to sell alcohol to underage individuals, stating us that we could do so legally, but have no protections to report on their misconduct as journalists?


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Chance Noonan

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Aug 31, 2020
Proposal - 23-31513
Federal Justice Chef Noonab, Principal Opinion

Upon thorough review and consideration of the points raised in your proposal, I acknowledge your assertion that a lieutenant in the San Andreas State Police Department allegedly stated that the State of San Andreas does not recognize the United States Constitution and, as a consequence, citizens of San Andreas are not entitled to all the rights afforded by the said Constitution.

It is indeed accurate that the State of San Andreas does not officially recognize the US Constitution and has its own separate penal code and a constitution-like document, known as the Department of Justice Handbook, which outlines the rights and procedures for criminal matters within the state. However, it is important to clarify that this handbook serves as a guiding document for the Department of Justice and law enforcement and its members and does not replace or supersede the United States Constitution. The official way to amend our handbook and/or the San Andreas penal code is to submit specific case law to change the law in this state, after being approved by the Superior Court.

Regarding your demand that the Department of Justice officially recognize the United States Constitution and require every active duty law enforcement officer to swear an oath to it, I regret to inform you that the Department of Justice has no intention to comply with this demand. The state's recognition of other case laws and law practices within the Department of Justice Handbook and the penal code does not negate the importance of the United States Constitution in the broader legal framework.

As a separate issue, your accusation against police officers allegedly encouraging citizens to sell alcohol to underage individuals is a serious matter that warrants attention. The Department of Justice takes such allegations seriously, and I advise you to formally report this matter to the Department of Public Safety Council. They have the authority and responsibility to investigate such claims and ensure the integrity of law enforcement practices within San Andreas.

In conclusion, after careful review, your proposal is denied. However, I encourage you to continue raising concerns and suggestions through appropriate channels to address any issues you believe need attention within the state's legal system.

So Ordered,
Chef Noonab
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