District & Supreme Court Case Suspension

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Apr 25, 2021
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Indefinite Suspension of Cases

By Order of the Court of San Andreas all cases on the docket and pending docket are here by suspended due to exigent circumstances in regards to the District Attorney's Office. All subjects on "Hold Until Trial" status shall be released immediately with daily check-ins with Law Enforcement until we are able to resume cases heard by the court. While subjects are to be released if they are found committing more crimes after release will result in forfeited of release and will be placed back into prison until cases resume While the court understands the frustration and unruly time this can achieve we wish you all will work with us during this hard time within the Department of Justice to find replacement for the state attorneys' as we are currently unable to staff the department at this current time. If you are interested in a position within the prosecutors office please reach out to a Judge or Justice at your earliest convince with your resume. This does not mean you cannot continue to plea "Not Guilty" in cases you wish to bring to trial but be known the Speedy Trial Act of 2021 has officially been suspended until further notice and cases will take longer to be processed through the court. If found to have more than (3) active not-guilty pleas' in at a single time will result in default judgement in all cases due to the inability to stay crime free. We appreciate everyone's patience and willingness to work with us during this time.

District & Supreme Court of San Andreas​
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