Department of Justice Inspector General Reactivation

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Jun 27, 2021
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Announcement: Department of Justice Inspector General Reactivation​

The office of the Inspector General will be responsible for overseeing all departments on behalf of the Chief Justice under the Department of Justice (LSPD, SASP, BCSO, LSFD, and AG’s Office) and making sure they function efficiently and effectively. The Inspector General will report to the Chief Justice. The following are some of the specific responsibilities of the Office of the Inspector General:

  • Making sure all DOJ policies are being complied with
  • Quarterly reviews of departments
  • Occasional unscheduled examination of departments
  • Communication with Department Heads
  • Making sure hiring policies are in line with DOJ policies
  • Resolving interdepartmental issues
  • Liaising with departments for any DOJ-related inquiries/issues
  • Budget Reviews
  • Assisting the Business Bureau and Overseeing operations within the Bureau

  • Powers to interview members of staff of any organization that they oversee
  • Conduct audits
  • Access any documents for the purpose of audit or spot check (Limitations apply)
  • Collect money on behalf of the Department of Justice
  • Hire and fire staff within the Office of The Inspector General and Business Bureau

First Appointment

The first appointment of Inspector General will be Myles Foreman due to his experience with administration from his time in the Los Santos Fire Department and Business Bureau. Further appointments are at the discretion of the Chief Justice.


Dr. Alastor Magne LL.D MBA
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