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Jun 27, 2021
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Announcement: Department of Justice Attorney General Reactivation​

The Office of the Attorney General will be responsible for overseeing all prosecutorial actions and state representation in civil claims. They will also oversee the Attorney General's Office which in turn is the Parent Office of The District Attorney's Office. The Attorney General is answerable to the Chief Justice and Inspector General in a limited capacity or by proxy. They have complete control of appointments to any position within the District Attorney's Office or Attorney General's office bearing the role of Deputy Attorney General which must also have the assent of The Chief Justice. The Attorney General is a representative and agent of the Federal Government and holds the authority above any state entity as such.

  • Overseeing prosecution and state representation
  • Monitoring and leading the Attorney General and District Attorney Officers
  • Providing Legal and Administrative Council to Government Agencies
  • Assisting the Inspector General with any investigations of criminal wrongdoing on the part of Government Agencies
  • Providing advice and counsel to the Chief Justice on matters of legislation suggestions.
  • Operating and overseeing investigations on behalf of the State that fall outside the purview of Lew

  • Powers to open investigations on behalf of the state into any individual or organization subordinate
  • Powers to declare Martial Law in line with state and federal legislation
  • Powers to appoint and dismiss peace officers of the state
  • Creation and decommission of sub-divisions within the purview of the Attorney General's Office
  • Powers to declare communications under “Executive Privilege” in line with state and federal legislation
  • Powers to fill the Supreme Court for the impeachment of any Government Official
  • To act on behalf of the Chief Justice and by extension, the Federal Government as Chief Peace Officer and Law Enforcement Officer of the state

First Appointment

The first appointment of Attorney General will be Chance Noonan due to his experience with administration from his time in the Colonel of San Andreas State Police and his prior time serving as Attorney General-. Further appointments are at the discretion of the Chief Justice.


Dr. Alastor Magne LL.D MBA
Chief Justice of The State of San Andreas
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